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General Terms and Conditions of Büffel Bill's Bonusshop

Büffel Bill's Bonusshop is a rewards program for customers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, which is organized and administered by Büffel Bill Deutschland GmbH for the benefit of its customers.

1. Registration to Büffel Bill's Bonusshop is done by:

  • Signing up or registering for your own account
  • Clicking on the button "Register for bonus program"

By registering, participants agree to the terms and conditions of Buffalo Bill's Bonus Shop. Therefore, the participant is required to read these terms and conditions carefully before signing up for the bonus program. Also, we refer to our Privacy Policy for the collection and use of personal data.

2. Collecting buffalo coins
As part of the bonus program, participants can collect so-called Buffalo Coins. For each Euro purchased, the customer receives 1 Büffel-Coin and these are automatically credited to his account. Buffalo Coins can only be collected after registering for Büffel Bill's Bonusshop. The Buffalo Coins cannot be exchanged for cash or paid out. This also applies if the bonus program has been terminated by the participant or Büffel Bill Deutschland GmbH. A transfer to another participant is also not possible. The current status of the Büffel-Coin account can be viewed by the participant at any time.

The Büffel-Coins can be redeemed for Büffel delicacies or other products activated for the bonus program. The prerequisite for this is that the customer has collected enough Buffalo Coins. The Buffalo Coins are automatically collected on the Buffalo Coin account and can be added to the shopping cart as products via the "Bonus Shop" menu bar or on the last page of the order. The respective product will be displayed in the shopping cart with a price of 0,00 €. The Buffalo Coins will only be credited to the Buffalo Coin account after the order has been completed and payment has been made in full. After completion of the order process, the collected Buffalo Coins will appear on the customer account.

The collected Buffalo Coins will be calculated, accumulated and verified.

3. Modification/cancellation
Buffalo Bill Deutschland GmbH may, at its sole discretion, establish or change the Buffalo Coins for other or additional products from time to time, or terminate the program, without notice.

The Buffalo Coins can be redeemed for Buffalo Delicacies or other products from the Bonus Shop while supplies last. Buffalo Coins will not be fully credited until the order process is complete and payment has been received. If the entire order or parts of the order are cancelled or returned, the corresponding Buffalo Coins for this order will not be credited to the account or will be deducted again. It should be noted that cancellations or returns of already redeemed Buffalo Coins will not be credited back to the account.

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