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Buffalo Butter | 125g
The buffalo butter with a creamy consistency and a fine aroma.
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2,80 € / 100 g
Out of stock
A real delicacy with a difference: our Maultaschen, filled with wonderfully aromatic water buffalo meat, exquisite herbs and spices.
Price 11,20 €
2,95 € / 100 g
In stock
The ideal meal when things have to go quickly. The ragout can be heated up quickly and is a hearty treat.
Price 10,80 €
2,70 € / 100 g
In stock

We stand for products of unprecedented quality and naturalness, produced under the highest ethical standards to contribute to a more sustainable planet in the long run.

Highest quality standards for uncompromising enjoyment

At Büffel Bill we do not compromise when it comes to providing our customers with products that are unique in quality and taste. At the same time, we place the highest value on making a contribution to sustainable meat consumption and ethical animal husbandry. That is why we pay particular attention to the rearing conditions of our partners.

Our guiding values::

  • Dynamics
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Passion

Company history

We are Martin Jaser and Manuel Ruess, the founders of Büffel Bill. The idea to found Büffel Bill came up after we read in a newspaper article about the handling of young male buffaloes in the mozzarella industry. Since the young male animals do not give milk for the mozzarella production, they were discarded for a long time directly after birth, or raised under adverse conditions without mother's milk and sufficient exercise. For us it was clear that there must be another way and that these gentle animals can be spared their fate. Therefore, it was our wish to contribute to sustainable and ethical meat consumption, so that the customer gets to know and appreciates water buffalo meat. In the course of intensive research, we found out that buffalo meat has been enjoyed in many parts of the world for centuries and that it is an absolute delicacy. Internationally respected experts in the food service industry have repeatedly confirmed to us the quality and unique taste of buffalo meat. 

Our vision is to introduce the consumer to a conscious enjoyment of meat. In our production we follow the "nose-to-tail" principle, trying to process the whole buffalo. We don't like to talk about fine cuts, because in our eyes every piece of meat is equally good if you know how to prepare it. 

For a long time we were looking for suitable partners to find the best, most natural and highest quality premium buffalo meat. In the meantime, we have been able to win the world's most renowned buffalo breeders as exclusive partners in Germany, Italy and Argentina. Our partners place the highest priority on treating and raising the buffalo stress-free and to the highest standards.

Our Italian buffaloes are kept outdoors all year round along the Amalfi Coast in extensive meadows with access to watering holes. In the pastures you can smell the salty, fresh air and feel the breeze of the nearby sea. The animals can feed on fresh grass and herbs, which is also reflected in the taste of the buffalo meat. As a result, Italian buffalo meat is much more tender, aromatic and flavorful than beef. 

In contrast, the buffalo of our Argentine partners live in the intermittently flooded river delta of the Rio Paraná in a nature reserve. While these climatic conditions make cattle breeding or the cultivation of grain impossible, the water buffalo literally flourishes in this environment. The animals grow up here under strict eyes and optimal conditions in the open all year round. Surrounded by endless meadows, waterholes and wetlands, they feed on fresh reeds, grasses and wild herbs. Conditions that give buffalo meat a mild flavor. Due to its less intense flavor, buffalo meat is more reminiscent of beef and thus offers a healthier alternative.

We can also make a valuable contribution to organic farming with our German partners.  Thus, areas can be grazed that cannot be used by other animals and are also not suitable for agriculture. The water buffaloes of our regional partners live outdoors all year round as far as weather conditions allow. On the extensive pastures they feed on fresh grass and herbs, and from autumn onwards on hay produced by us. This gives the buffalo meat a mild, slightly nutty flavor. 

We are proud to be able to offer this culinary sensation of unparalleled quality and naturalness to our customers in the upscale gastronomy, hotel business and delicatessen retail trade, but also to the gourmets at home today, while working under the highest ethical standards to contribute to sustainable meat consumption in the long term.


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